What instruments are used in leather testing?

What instruments do you use for leather testing? Many customers have to test certain items of leather and don't have a clear definition of what instruments should be used. Not to talk about the quality of the supplier's equipment, imported suppliers and domestic suppliers in various aspects of the instrument which is different. Following, GESTER INSTRUMENTS CO.,LTD for you to introduce, leather test commonly used which instrument.

First of all, to understand the properties of the test leather.

Leather testing is generally to be tested:

1, the thickness of leather, leather leather tensile strength, elongation, tear strength of leather (inside strength and extension height), the extension of leather leather stereotypes, impact resistance, folding fastness of leather, leather color fastness; color which also includes dry rub fastness and wet rub. Sweat resistance, heat resistance, water fastness, washing resistance, color and so on.

2, coating adhesion fastness, shrinkage temperature, density, water absorption, air permeability, water vapor permeability, dynamic water resistance, hardness, wear resistance, horizontal burning, atomization, odor, aging resistance, yellowing resistance and so on.

3, automotive interior leather, mainly to the car seat, the general testing of leather abrasion strength, leather color fastness to rubbing, leather fastness, leather coating adhesion fastness and other properties.

4, footwear leather testing mainly include: Standrd photos, maps and other visual inspection; also includes a number of non mandatory testing: aging, color fastness, yellowing resistance test, resistance, slip resistance, wear resistance.

Secondly, to understand the test of a performance test standard. The color fastness, color fastness testing of leather mainly include: AATCC8/116, ASTMD1593, BS1006X12, BS1006UKLC, DIN53339, ISO105/11640QB, /T1327/1873/2001/2307/2537, JIS0849, SATRATM8/TM167/PM173

Again, to determine the name of the instrument test. Commonly used leather testing instruments are: leather softness testing machine, leather tearing strength testing machine, leather resistant to the flexibility of testing machine, leather dyeing abrasion testing machine, leather damage resistance tester

Finally, according to the manufacturers and prices, a comprehensive variety of factors to determine the comparison.

leather testing

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