Operating Instructions for Tensile Testing Machines

Time: 2016-12-05

Operating Instructions for Tensile Testing Machines

1.When using the tensile testing machine, carefully read the instructions, familiar with the process indicators, work performance, use, precautions, strictly follow the instrument manual to operate the standard steps to control.

2.The initial use of the Rally staff, must be under the guidance of skilled staff to run the control, skilled grasp of the rear can be run independently controlled.   

3.Rally and other equipment used in the experiment, to be placed neat, easy to manipulate, observe and record. 

4.When using the tensile machine, the input signal or external load should be limited to the standard range, prohibit overload operation.

5.Rally must be run before the use of no-load operation to ensure that no trouble before loading. With the former lubrication, wipe clean after use, pay attention to routine maintenance, maintenance.  

6.Rally machine power, to ensure that the power supply voltage in line with Rally standard input voltage, with a three-wire power plug of the Rally, must be protected with a grounded power outlet, to ensure safety. 

7.Rally is not free to change or disassemble the use.   

8.Rally often run the maintenance and maintenance, and stored in dry and ventilated place, stand-by for a long time Rally, should be regularly power on to prevent damage to Rally Tide its parts.

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