More than 300 people attended the Nanjing Massacre in San Francisco

Time: 2016-12-13

SAN FRANCISCO, December 11 (Xinhua) More than 300 people attended the Nanjing Massacre in Nanjing, capital of southwest China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

Public sacrifice activities initiated by the Nanjing Massacre claims Union, the Chinese American Chamber of Commerce and the World Anti-Japanese War Historical Maintenance Association and other groups to participate. On the same day, at the Chinese Cultural Center in Chinatown in San Francisco, the participants observed silence in the documentary, chanting the song on the Songhua River and explored issues related to the history of the Second World War. There was also a slogan saying "Remember history, do not forget the past, cherish peace, create a future".

Zhang Lanzhen, the new president of the Nanjing Massacre Claims Coalition, said that she began to participate in the League of Claims and the Justice League of Comfort Women three years ago, during which many of her predecessors were instructed and instructed. She would continue to promote history education.

Last September, the San Francisco City Council unanimously passed a resolution proposed by the Chinese legislator Ma Zhaoguang to set up a "comfort women" monument in public places. On the 11th Nanjing Festival, Ma Zhaoguang recalled his father and grandmother had told him about the historical events of the Nanjing Massacre, he was choked. Ma Zhaoguang promised to be "comfort women" monument completed next year, will bring his daughter to witness the incident.

The San Francisco Bay Area has been organizing activities since 1991 to commemorate the Nanjing Massacre. It is hoped that the overseas Chinese will remember this history, and the commemoration began in 1996 under the name of "Nanjing Festival". Tracing back the lessons of history and bringing together the like-minded people, the "Nanking Festival" also attracted South Korean, Japanese, Filipino and other ethnic groups to join.

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